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Ramen Crusted Chicken Wings

Navratri is over and so FINALLY CHICCKKKEENNN!! So, I thought two of my favourite foods, Ramen and Chicken! PS: I used wai-wai noodles because the noodles are precooked and spiced. Trust me, you’ll get extremely delicious, juicy chicken and extremely crunchy at the same time!
Ingredients :
All purpose flour
Cornflour/ Corn Starch
Chings Szechuan Sauce ( Optional / You may use any seasoning of your choice )
Ginger Garlic paste
Chicken Wings
Oil for deep frying
You can vary the ingredients as per your choice, you still won’t ever go wrong with this.
Directions :
1. Marinate the chicken
Wash and dry the chicken wings and add ginger garlic paste, salt and pepper. I added 1/2 teaspoon of ginger paste and 1 teaspoon of garlic paste for 5 wings. You may also add szechuan sauce to this. Mix it well and make sure all theĀ  chicken is properly covered. Refrigerate for about 1-2 hours.
2. Make a batter
Whatever be the amount, depending on how many chicken wings you wanna eat, add equal amounts of cornflour and all purpose flour. Now slowly add water until you get a medium-thick batter. You should be able to dip your chicken wings in it and get it all covered and it should be thick enough so that it is not runny. Now add the ramen seasoning, some more salt and I love szechuan, so I added a good amount of that as well.Mix it all well.
3. Crumble the ramen and heat the oil.
4. Double Deep Fry
The secret to make chicken extra crispy is to double fry it. Dip the chicken into the batter and deep fry until it is light golden from outside. Take it out and drain on an absorbent paper. Dip it again into the batter and make sure to wipe off extra batter from the chicken. You just need enough batter on the chicken to make the crumbled ramen stick to it. Roll the wing into the ramen and deep fry once again until the ramen has turned goldenish-brown.
5. Enjoy your juicy crunchy delicious wings!