Kalsang Friends Corner – Dehradun Review

Yesterday, my mother, me and my four little cousin sisters were on a Girl’s Day out and we thought, why not go to Kalsang Friends Corner to have a delicious and flavorful lunch, as all our energy was already drained out because of the big shopping session we had just come back from! I had my camera, and so I thought what would be better than the well known and loved, Kalsang Friends Corver, to start with restaurant reviewing. So here’s the first review on http://www.delightmytummy.com for Kalsang Friends Corner- Dehradun.

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Ambience : I would not pass this as a fine dining restaurant, but the ambience is quite good. Its basically all red and black from the inside with some round tables with chairs and some sofas. I would say, it is a Tibetan restaurant and it feels like Tibet. What I mean by this is, the atmosphere is calm and composed. Also the table which we got, had some flower pots behind it which I really loved.

Although I felt that the lights were a bit dim and also it got really hot there which made us a little uncomfortable, but the staff is very kind and humble, and placed a table fan at a little distance, and that made it better.


People have written about their experiences on tissue papers and the staff has very kindly arranged all of them under the tables, so everyone can read. Also Kalsang is visited by many tourists, so people write their experience and reviews on their country’s currency and Kalsang has a special board where all those are pinned up.

This is something I really liked. Getting to know about so many people while enjoying wholesome food, I think that was a really good experience!

 Food : We ordered 5 dishes and I will be commenting on the taste of each of them.

Chicken Lollipop :


Price : Rs 245.70

This was ordered as an appetizer. There were 8 lollipops in all laid on a bed of shredded carrots. The lollipops had a perfect crunch and the flavours were really balanced. The chicken was well cooked and juicy from inside. Nor spicy and neither bland, with a hint of the garlicy flavor, these lollipops were really enjoyed by everyone.


And oh well, these are kid approved 😉

Chicken Manchow Soup :


Price : Rs 115.50

I have never tasted a better manchow soup in Dehradun before. And because Kalsang specializes in Chinese and Tibetan cuisine, this was something I had high expectations for, and indeed it stood upto the mark. I am a great fan of garlic, and this soup had a lot of flavor of garlic. Unlike most of the “Manchow” soups I’ve tasted in Dehradun, this was not sour or spicy like hell. It had a buttery taste with good amount of chicken pieces and some egg drop. The garlicy flavour went all the way, and let me tell you, the garlic was not at all overpowering, rather it had a subtle flavor throughout, and the coriander added to it on top, took it to another level. I would rate this as a “Definitely Try” dish from Kalsang.

Chicken Kothe Momo with Gravy :


Price : Rs 161.70

Because who goes to Kalsang and does not order dimsums?! I have always loved this dish. The dimsums were loaded with flavorful chicken mince, having the flavor of onions, garlic, butter and coriander ( I guess ). The outside ( dough ) was perfectly steamed and cooked and the gravy was a really good combination of sweet, spicy and sour. It was chicken kothe momos, but the dish also had a good amount of veggies, including capsicum,tomatoes, spinach, cabbage and onions, which were cooked so well and so intelligently hidden in the gravy that even my little cousin sisters enjoyed it all. This is also a “must try” dish from Kalsang Friends Corner.

Cheese Chicken Tukpa :


Price : Rs 166.95

Thukpa, I guess, means noodles in broth. The cheese chicken thukpa was something new for my taste buds, but I fell in love with it at the first sip. It came in a huge bowl, fully filled with the delicious broth and chicken and veggies in the center. The broth had a sharp taste of cheese with a hint of garlicy taste ( well because  garlic is used well in the chinese and tibetan cuisine ). This also had good amount of chicken in it and also a good amount of the veggies. Over all, this was not at all spicy, and the cheesy flavor totally won my heart! This is something I will always have whenever I visit Kalsang.

Chicken Chili Garlic Noodles :


Price : Rs 193.20

As the name suggests, this had a lot of garlic and a lot of chili, which was a little spicy for the children, but was enjoyed by me and my mother. The quantity was good and it had lots of chicken pieces and fried egg pieces. This also, like the others, had a good amount of veggies. All in all, this was also a really good dish.


Final Review : My tummy says that  Kalsang Friends Corner was a total delight! This is a  must visit place! I’m sure you will enjoy the ambience and the yummy food. The generous quantity of the food justifies the price of it and the money you pay is also worth the deliciousness this place has to offer. And of cource, the humble staff will always be at your service. So the next time you need a place to enjoy with your friends, I would definitely suggest Kalsang Friends Corner!



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