Raspberry and Strawberry Sorbet


This 2 ingredients berrilicious Raspberry and Strawberry Sorbet is absolutely delightful! Looks scrumptious and tastes even better! This is the perfect dessert to treat your mom with this Mother’s day!

” A mother is the epitome of love ” After all what does she not do? From doing chores of the house to working a job to taking care of the family! And what does she need in return? Just some love….just some love from her children, whom she loves more than her own life! And what would be a better time than Mother’s Day to reciprocate this love? I know you might have bought or made many gifts for her, but if you need some last minute ideas! Trust me, this is the best one! ( Also because its hot summer – Duh! ) You just need to throw in 2 ingredients together! Its that damn easy! 


Ingredients :

Frozen/ Fresh Berries ( Raspberries and Strawberries ) – 400 gms

I used frozen because I couldn’t find fresh ones yet.

Sweetened Condensed Milk – 200 gms

Yup, that’s all!

Directions : Just throw in all of the ingredients into a processor and blend until smooth. It should look something like this –


Set this into the freezer for 5-6 hours or overnight and enjoy this yummilicious berrilicious sorbet after its frozen!

Scoop out and serve with some whipped cream or as it is!


PS : Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely, hardworking and beautiful mothers of the world from http://www.delightmytummy.com!

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