Gajar Ka Halwa / Gajrela

Gajar Ka Halwa or Carrot Halwa is probably the most famous dessert in India. This is originally a dessert from Punjab, a northern state of India where it is also known as Gajrela. This is the perfect dessert to celebrate the New Year! Made with grated carrots, this dessert  is slow cooked and has a nutty taste which seems to be the outcome of carrots mixed with cashew nuts and cardamom!

*This recipe makes whole lot of halwa, you may vary amount according to your requirement.

Ingredients :
1.5 kg carrots ( grated )
4 1/2 tablespoons clarified butter/ghee
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon cardamom powder
Sugar according to taste ( I used around 150-200 gms )
Optional :
150-200 gms khoya/mawa ( crumbled or grated )
Raisins, almonds , cashews , pistachios ( Chopped )

Directions :
Heat ghee in a nonstick pan/kadhai and add the grated carrots and sugar. Fry the carrots until they are soft and mushy with constant stirring ( For about 20 – 30 minutes ).


  Now add in the condensed milk and cook covered for another 5 minutes.


 Add in the crumbled khoya and chopped nuts and cook again for about a minute on medium heat. Remove from heat.  Garnish with some more chopped dry fruits and serve.

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