Dairy Free Icecream – Coconut, Pineapple and Strawberry

Dairy Free Coconut Icecream in 3 flavours- Classic coconut, Strawberry and Pina Colada for weeknight dinner!  What a mind freshner after a tiring day! Really easy to make and absolutely delish!

Check out the simple recipe:

Ingredients : 1 1/2 can coconut milk

Half a can of coconut cream


Or any other fruit or flavouring
Directions : Just boil 1 can of coconut milk and sugar and cook on medium to low heat until it just thickens a lil bit. Now whisk this together with another half a can of coconut milk and half can of coconut cream! Add about 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. This will help prevent crystallization. And your icecream base is ready!

Add any flavour of your choice and you are ready to put it in the icecream machine. If you do not have an icecream machine, put it into the freezer but make sure you stir it well every half an hour to avoid crystallization. After all ” ice cream ” is all about that creamy texture.
For the classic coconut flavour : I added some Toasted dessicated coconut to the icecream base for that extra coconuty taste.
For the strawberry icecream : You may blend together fresh strawberries with some sugar and it to the ice cream base! I have added strawberry syrup and some chopped dehydrated strawberries to the base.
For the Pina Colada icecream : Blend together some fresh pineapple with a teaspoon of honey or more accordingly and add the puree to your icecream mixture. Trust me,you do not need to be vegetarian or vegan to enjoy this icecream. You may experiment with the flavours in any way you want!

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