Chicken Malai Tikka

Chicken Malai Tikka is a flavorful and textured appetizer, where chunks of chicken are marinated in yoghurt and cream and barbequed. Its melt in the mouth texture with the creamy taste is much loved by everyone! Why not treat your Valentine with these wonderful kababs this Valentine’s date night? Here’s the recipe to make your Valentine’s Day really special! Aaandd if you’ve got no Valentine, this chicken will be ready to be your love forever 😉
Ingredients :
Raw Papaya
Boneless Chicken Thighs ( 350 gms )
Corn Flour ( 2 1/2 -3 tablespoon )
Cream ( 5 tablespoons )
Thick curd/yoghurt ( 3 tablespoons )
Mozzarella Cheese / Processed cheese ( 40-50 gm )
Black Pepper ( 2 tsp )
Salt to taste
Cumin powder ( 1/2 tsp )
Ginger Garlic Paste ( 1 1/2 tsp )
Cardamom powder ( 1/8 tsp or a bit more )
Vegetable oil ( 1 tsp )

You will also require :
Wooden Skewers

Directions :
Cut the chicken thighs into bite size pieces and wash them. Gring the raw papa and make a paste out of it. Now marinade the chicken with this paste for about an hour.

This will help tenderize the chicken so that you get that melt in the mouth texture afterwards.  While the chicken is getting marinated, into another bowl, grate the cheese and add into a bowl. Mash the cheese a little with your palms.  Now stir in the yoghurt and mix until you get a smooth consistency ( without any lumps ). If you still feel lumps, heat in the microwave for another 20-30 seconds and stir again. Make sure you dont burn the mixture, just heat a little to make the cheese melt. Let it cool down. To this add the salt, pepper, cardamom powder, cumin powder, cream and cornflour and stir again until smooth. You should get a not too thick and not too runny consistency marinade. If you feel that the batter is too thick, add some oil to this batter.
After an hour, wash the chicken away and dry all the moisture off using a kitchen towel. We need to eliminate all the possible moisture here.
 Now marinade the chicken with ginger garlic paste and some salt for another 20 minutes. After this, add the chicken to the cream mixture and mix well. Make sure you don’t mix too harshly because we have tenderized the chicken and it may break. Soak your skewers in water and leave both of these overnight.
The only step left is to bake these lovely kababs.
Preheat your oven to the highest temperature possible. Arrange your chicken pieces on the skewers and place it over a baking pan. Bake for about 8-10 minutes on broil mode on this side.
  Keep checking in between and if when you see that the chicken is almost done from one side, remove the tray and flip it onto the other side.
The chicken should look something like this when you should flip it. Don’t worry about the marinade dripping off. Bake for another 8-10 minutes on this side on the broil mode again and keep checking in between for when its done.
Serve  hot with some coleslaw for added flavor!
For the coleslaw :
Add half cup shredded cabbage, half cup shredded carrot, half cup chopped spring onions and     a little less that half a cup of chopped coriander into a bowl and mix.
Now to this add 1 tsp of pepper powder, some salt and about 1/8 tsp of sugar.
Squeeze half a lemon on top of the kababs and yes, that’s it. You’re ready to enjoy this irresistable Murgh Malai Tikka!

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