Birthday Cake Pops

So it was my Best Friend’s Birthday this Tuesday and these are what I decided to give him. Why I chose this gift? Because these are really delicious, easy to make, low cost in comparison to other fancy gifts but look like those store bought branded fancy chocolates and at last, they also somewhat fit into the Birthday “Cake” convention. These can be eaten easily, you will not require a whole lot of people to get the cake finished as these can be stored more conveniently and trust me, they will be loved by the receiver!

What you need :
Any cake sponge of your choice. ( Bake it or buy it )
Some whipped cream
Vanilla icing or whatever goes best with your cake’s flavour
White Chocolate/Milk Chocolate
Cake decorations ( I used sprinkles, candies, twinkle dust etc ) (optional)
Lollipop Sticks/ Skewers
Cake pop strand, Styrofoam, Thermocol

Directions :
So I started off by baking Betty Crocker’s lemon flavoured cake. You can use a cake sponge or may bake any cake of your choice. After all, you just need to crumble it all. It should be somewhat like this

Now to this, add your icing and whipped cream. I used one small Pillsbury vanilla icing container. Mix all this thoroughly until you get a dough like consistency. You can vary amounts of icing and  whipped cream according to what you want it to taste like, just the end consistency should be dough like.
Once your dough is ready, you need to roll out some small balls of this mixture. Make sure that the balls are firm enough and not falling apart as we have to insert skewers/lollipop sticks into them next and the ball should be able to hold onto them. After rolling out the balls, let it set in the refrigerator for sometime and harden a bit more.
After about 20-30 minutes, melt some chocolate. Use tempered chocolate for best results. If using lollipop sticks, work with the same but if you are using skewers, break them into 2 equal halves. Now dip one end of each half/1 lollipop stick into the chocolate and insert it into the rolled balls.
 YNow let these set in the refrigerator for another 20-30 minutes before you start coating them with chocolate.
Melt your white/milk chocolate and dip these into the chocolate until all of the cake pop is covered with chocolate ( Even the base ) To ensure an even coating, tilt the cake pop, holding it with the skewer and slightly tap on the skewer while rotating the cake pop. This makes sure that it is evenly coated and any excess chocolate drips off. At last, you need to decorate these before the melted chocolate sets.  This is really optional. I keep baking and hence have many types of sprinkes at hand, you need not decorate if you do not wish to.  I’ll tell you what I did for all of my cake pops. Make sure you arrange the cake pops separately  onto the stand  Styrofoam or thermocol after decorating them, , so that all of them stand separately and dry off.
For the first 2 columns, I used milk chocolate to cover the cake pops, and before it dried, I stuck some sprinkles to the chocolate.
The next 2 columns are covered in white chocolate ( I used milky bar ). I have used blue sugar balls for the third column and I bought some chocolate coated butter scotch bites from a candy store, and thats what I put onto the chocolate for the 4th column.
For the 5th column, I added some raspberry flavoured pink food colour to the white chocolate to give the white chocolate a pink tinge, and covered the cake pop with it. Then quickly sprinkled white sprinkles before it set.
For the last column, I used golden and silver edible twinkle dust. I covered the cake pop with white chocolate and let it set. Then I mixed some twinkle dust with 3-4 drops of vodka into a small container. Basically what you want is a good paint like consistency. Using a new paint brush, paint the cake pop with this so that when the vodka dries out, all you get is a bright silver/gold shimmer. Make sure that your paint is not too thin and colouring the cake pop. You may or may not need 2 or 3 layers to get the proper shine and luster. It depends on your mixture’s consistency. Let it dry in between coats, if you decide to do more than one and when you are happy with the final result, pop it onto your cake pop stand, styrofoam or thermocol.

I used a gift box, cut some thermocol sheets that fit into it and inserted my finished cake pops into the thermocol, in columns. I shred some wrapping paper and put it in between the cake pops to give that gift-like look and also to cover the thermocol a lil bit.
You may use a stand, or a vase, or a jar, any think would work as long as these stand. Your delicious gift will definitely be loved by all and all your effort will surely be admired and appreciated. Happy Cooking! 🙂

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