Katori Chaat – Holi Special Recipe

Well, its finally that time of the year again! Its Holi time! And this festival is all about colors, lots and lots of fun, and of course the drool worthy dishes! Talk about Holi and you are immediately reminded of the sweet Ghujiyas, flavorful Dahi Bade and Chaat , the Pakoras, and the absolutely wonderful Thandai!  So here’s one recipe, that I bet you would love to try this Holi!

But first, I want to share my Holi stories with you! After all, I talk a lot, all my friends know that, so lets be friends this Holi! Share your stories with me too by leaving comments below, or maybe email me! Holi is my fav festival, and I would love to hear stories from all my readers!

Ok so, I’ll start, by this time of the year, here in India, the kids are all done with their final examinations and super excited for Holi!  When I was a kid, I used to get up at 3 am, and wake my parents up, asking them if it was time to fill the balloons with water yet- well, atleast that’s what my parents tell me.  Also I remember, there was always a kind of competition going on amongst us children, which of course our parents had no idea about, about who had the best water gun ( Pichkari )! I remember buying water guns, so large, that at the end I could not even handle it! But there was always that superior and winner kind of feeling, if you somehow managed to convince your parents to get you a larger water gun, or maybe more balloons!
Also, where I lived in Mumbai, there were a whole lot of children in my society, so we were like, divided into two groups, the girls and the boys! And our mission for Holi, was to bombard the other with colours and get them all dripping until they don’t accept defeat! Haha 😀 So every year, us girls, had meetings on the terrace, to plan a strategy to defeat the boys. And the other day, we would reach the battlefield – the playground, all geared up! But unfortunately, the boys always won, and we girls, returned home crying, with colors everywhere on us, and promising ourselves, not to play Holi with the boys again, buuuttt, it was all the same the next Holi!
Ahhh, those fond memories…! Holi is all different as an adult, but still, a lot of fun! I am so looking forward to Holi 2016!!

Sooo…lets get back to the recipe! Its Tokri/ Katori Chaat ! Chaat is a very common snack during Holi celebrations, but I decided to make Aloo Tokris or Katoris instead of the common papdis.
So here’s the recipe –
Ingredients :4 to 5 shredded potatoes
Salt to taste
Chilly Powder to taste
Chana Chaat – Don’t worry, ill give you the recipe
Green Mint Chutney
Dates and Tamarind Chutney
Curd – Add a little water to the curd to get a little thinner consistency, just a little water though, and season with some salt and chilly powder.
Nylon Sev or aloo bhujiya
Corn Starch – 1 to 1 1/2 tbsp
Pomegranate Seeds
Chopped Coriander
Oil for deep frying.Directions :

1. Start by making the potato katoris. Shred the potatoes ( not too thin and not too thick ), and then squeeze them so that they release all the water. Drain this water and then place these shredded potatoes into another dry bowl.

Now add the salt and the chilly powder to it. Also add the corn starch and mix. The potato mixture, should be firm enough to hold in shape, because we are going to make tokris out of this now. If you think, that the potatoes are not sticking together, add some more cornstarch, but do not add too much. Also the potatoes will release some water after adding the salt, but don’t panic, just remove as much as possible with a spoon.

** Now there are 2 ways to make these katoris, one is using a wire mesh strainer, and the other is to bake these. I’ve tried both of them! What I found out, was that, you will probably mess everything up, if you use the strainer method ( Because I did to, yep :-/ ). The baking method, is really easy and oil free, but you won’t get really crunchy katoris at the end and also, the top part starts to burn easily! So I decided, to combine both of these! Just trust me and follow.

2. Grease your muffin tray really good with some oil. Now take a little of your potato mixture ( about a tsp ) and put it into one muffin mould. Fill the others with the same. Now shape your katoris by pulling this mixture towards the walls. Make sure, the bottom of the katori is not too thin, it should be firm,and if required, add some more mixture. If you see, that there’s a little potato water at the bottom of the katoris, just take a tissue and press onto the bottom and sides lightly, so that the tissue absorbs the water.

3. Bake these at 325 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until the katoris come out of the mould as one, that is, the katori holds its shape. We just want the mixture to start holding the shape, and don’t want to bake it completely. You should not have a problem, getting the katoris out, if you have greased your muffin tray well.
Heat oil in a pan for deep frying and fry these half baked katoris until golden brown and crisp!
And here you go, you’ll have absolutely delicious katoris waiting to get filled with the chutneys and the chana chaat!
4. For the Chana chaat you need :
Papdi or Puri – 5 to 6  ( lightly crushed )
1 large potato boiled, peeled and cubed
Chana / Chickpeas – 1 cup boiled and drained
Green Chutney
Dates and Tamarind Chutney
Salt to taste
Onion – 1 medium size chopped finely
Tomatoes – 1 medium size chopped finely
Coriander leaves as needed finely chopped
Nylon sev or aloo bhujia as needed
Garam masala powder to taste
Chat Masala Powder to taste
Lemon Juice to tasteTo make the chana chaat, just mix everything up and our chana chaat is ready! However, I did not use the papdi/ puri and potatoes, because I was using this as a filling for my katori chaat, you can use it, if you are making chana chaat for serving separately!
5.( THE FINAL STEP ) Now that all our stuffing is ready, and our katoris are as well, its time to assemble our katori chaat! Place the katoris on a plate and add about a 3/4 teaspoon each of chana chaat into each katori, pour about a tsp of curd over the top! Now add about 1/4 tsp each of green chutney and the date tamarind chutney onto the top and finally top with some nylon sev and some pomegranate seeds.
Now that you’re all set to serve this Katori Chaat on Holi 2016 and win everyone’s heart, don’t forget to like and share this recipe! Post your feedback in the comments below, I would love to hear them!
HAPPY HOLI to all my readers in advance! Enjoy and play safe! PS: There’s going to be a post soon about making safe and 100% organic colors at home from scratch! So stay tuned! 

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